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Captain James


United States Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain


28 Certified Adult International Game Fish Association World Records

Tampa - St. Petersburg - Anna Maria - Boca Grande


Deposit Policy

What is the Charter Refund Policy?

Fishing Charter Deposits are refunded for ANY reason outside of 30 days to your scheduled fishing trip.

Fishing Charter Deposits are refunded inside of 30 days to your scheduled fishing trip for inclement weather only, in the opinion of the Captain. We will not fish in bad or unsafe weather !

In case of inclement weather and the trip is taken because of inclement weather you have options. First option is to have your deposit refunded. Second option is to reschedule your trip. Please be assurred that the Captain will not take you fishing in unsafe weather.

Due to several people that booked trips in the past and did not show at the dock the Captain must have a deposit to confirm your reservation. Thank you.


Captain James Wisner is a completely Full Time Guide.

Do you allow anyone to kill a Tarpon on your boat if they have a Tarpon Tag?

No I do not. I have never bought a Tarpon Tag to kill a Tarpon and I do not even allow a Tarpon killing tag on my boat. I stopped killing Tarpon back in 1987, 2 years before the Tarpon tag came out because killing a long lived tarpon is not the correct thing to do.

Do you take Photographs or Videos of your Fishing Charter Clients?

Yes we do! We generally have a camera on board to take photographs of the anglers catch. Some Angling clients have been asking for video so I carry a video camera to video tape your Tarpon while you fight it and bring it to boatside. You can see just a few of the hundreds of Videos taken by Captain James Wisner at [CLICK HERE TO SEE STREAMING VIDEOS of Fishing Action with Captain James]

There are several Charter Fishing Guide Sites on the Internet that claim to be the #1 Fishing Guide for the West Coast of Florida. How can there be that many #1Guides? There can only be one #1 Charter Fishing Guide.

Beware of website hype that states Captain So and So is the #1 Guide on the West Coast of Florida. There are several such sites spamming the net. They all can't be number #1. Captain James does not claim to be the # 1 Fishing Guide on the West Coast of Florida, he will let the reader determine that for himself from the evidence on this extensive World Class Web Site. See what many Respected Multiple Award Winning Sports Writers say about Captain James' extensive 40 PLUES YEARS OF TARPON FISHING KNOWLEDGE at [Testimonials from Award Winning Outdoor Writers]

Why do some fishing guides spamming the search engines use "SPONSORED PLACEMENT"?

Beware of fishing guides on internet search engines who have to "buy" a paid sponsored high seach engine placement. At the top or on the side of most search engine 1st search pages you will find an area called "Sponsored" or "Sponsored Links" these are top spots on search engines that were not earned by Web Site Rankings. The Fishing Guides who are in those "sponsored" links bought that ranking to get ahead of other more qualified quides with better search engine ratings. None of Captain James Wisner's search engine rankings are purchased, they are all EARNED! They were earned by being one of the best Guides and having one of the top Fishing Guide Sites on the Internet. Don't be fooled by Fishing Guides who have to pay for high search engine ratings in the "sponsored links" area at the top or the side of the search engine web page. Any guide can "buy" their way to the top, common sense says charter a fishing guide that has a top site ranking that was "earned" rather than "bought".

Why Go Charter Fishing with Captain Wisner?

Captain James has caught and guided more Adult Certified International Game Fish Association World Records than any other Fishing Guide on the West Coast of Florida!International Game Fish Association 28 Time World Record Holder and Mulitple Tarpon Tournament Champion Captain James Wisner customizes Florida Saltwater Fishing Charters to suit your wants and needs and what is in season at the time. Captain James has 40 Plus years of Tarpon Fishing Experience only a few guides on the net have evidence of that kind of longevity with Tarpon Fishing. The Captain has made a longtime reputation for stalking and catching the Glamour Species of the West Coast of Florida, Tarpon, Snook and Permit. He is equally adept, as evidenced by this WebSite, at catching a plethora of other species either on conventional or Fly tackle, King Mackerel, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, Pompano, and more! Captain James has over 40 years Fishing Experience and has developed a very wide and varied fishing Knowledge Base and because of that he can offer KNOWLEDGEABLE Flats, Back Bay, BackCountry, or Inshore Charter Fishing for Giant Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Redfish, Trout as well as Near Shore and Offshore of the Gulf Beaches for King Mackerel, Permit, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper, Dolphin, Amberjack, Barracuda, and more!

Captain James and his clients have set 28 Certified ADULT International Game Fish Association Line Class World Records ! Captain Wisner has personally held a Certified Adult International Game Fish Associaiton World Record for the last 25 YEARS RUNNING ! Captain James Wisner also currently holds the Florida State Spanish Mackerel Fly Rod Record. Captain james Wisner was the VERY FIRST PERSON TO HAVE A PERMIT CERTIFIED on #2 Class Line. Captain Wisner also caught and received I.G.F.A. certification for the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Permit in the Men's 2# Class Line. Captain Wisner guided the 3rd Permit ever entered into the I.G.F.A. Men's 2# Line Class.

Captain James is 53 years old and has fished since he was 6 years old. He is a Native Floridian. He was born and raised on the water and he has spend the last 40 years honing his Fishing Skills and fishing knowledge base. Younger guides in their 20' or 30's just do not have the longevity of fishing experience and knowledge base that 55 year old Captain James Wisner does. And in fact many of the younger guides "copy cat" Captain James fsihign spot locations and techniques. As the Captain grew up in the 60's he mated for several different local Expert Charter captains all who had a different areas of expertise. One Guide was a KingFish and Mackerel expert, another was a Giant Tarpon, Snook, Permit and Pompano expert. Another Guide mentor was a Grouper and Snapper expert. Captain James apprenticed for all of these expert guides back in the 1960's and because of that he is considered to be one of the Most Knowledgeable Guides on the West Coat of Florida. He has spend the last 40 years fishing the West Coast of Florida and the Keys. Many of the local area "newbie" guides learned to "fish" from Captain James or the people he taught. Captain James is considered to be a Guide's Guide. Rest Assurred if you charter the Captain he will provide a quality experience.

Here is what Award Winning Sports' Writers Say About Captain James

[Testimonials from Award Winning Outdoor Writers

Here is what Experience says!

[Guide Profile - Tarpon Tournament Wins]

Is The Captain Fun To Fish With and does he know what he is doing?

Florida Saltwater Fishing Charters

Charter Client Letter

How do I tell what kind of person the Guide is?

You can see from my testimonial page that the Captain is well respected for his fish catching abilities by sports writers and you can see Captain James Wisner's Ebay Feedback Rating 100% Positive Feedback on Ebay at
[Ebay Feedback for Captain James Wisner

[Testimonials from Award Winning Outdoor Writers

What Locations do you Fish ?

Captain James runs his charters from Tarpon Springs to Boca Grande inclusive of Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay, Charlotte Harbor as well as Pine Island Sound. He departs from docks in Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Long Boat Key, Anna Maria, Placida, Boca Grande. Captain James fishes over a wide range of territory to better suit your needs and to be where the fish are. He uses several boat departure docks to save precious running time in the morning and to go where the Best bite is for that particular species. This assures the least running time as possible. You get more time to fish and less time running !

Captain James has been studying and patterning the local tides for the last 40 plus years. He uses different departure docks to maximize the effects of the tides on the targeted species of the day. This way he can be where he wants to be on a particular part of the tide. Captain James has developed these patterns of following the tides over decades of fishing to a great degree of accuracy and success, as evidenced by the Quality of the Content of this Web site.

Exactly What Types of Sport Fishing Do You Offer?

Captain James offer Flats and Inshore Fishing for Giant Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Redfish, Cobia, Trout, and a variety of other flats and inshore fish. He also offers Nearshore and Offshore for tasty bottom species Grouper and Snapper and Pelagics Species such as King and Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Barracuda, Amberjack, and Giant Permit.

My wife/girlfriend wants to come is that ok?

Women are very welcome and typically out fish the men!

Grouper Fishing Charters, Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters, Tampa Florida Fishing Charters

Lisa shows off a nice 15 pound grouper she caught while Charter Fishing with Captain James Wisner.


The Captain's Custom Dorado 23 is constructed of light weight honeycomb coring and vinylester resin make the construction extreamly strong while also allowing the Captain's boat to float in only 12'" of water but strong enough to go well Offshore safely for Grouper, Snapper, Dolphin, etc. The "Wiz" 23 Dorado is tricked out with Twin REMOTE CONTROLLED Electric Trolling Motors for when Stealh is needed in sneaking up on vary fish like Tarpon, Snook and Permit. Captain James will run your charter in His Custom DORADO 23' Limited Custom Edition featuring a 2008 Mercury OPTIMAX 225 HP. The boat is made with a "cored" technology. Captain James' Dorado 23 has the latest Best Icom Submersible VHF Radio for safety and convenience. The boat is also equipped with the Top-of-the-Line Furuno DGPS for pinpoint positioning on fishing spots. The boat is equipped with a Top-of-the-Line backup Loran for backup navigation offshore, safety and convenience. The Boat has a custom 50 gallon Live Well plumbed with 3 Pumps that will keep alive your bait needs for the day. The boat has all of the U.S. Coast Guard required safetly equipment kept in Tip-Top condition! When going offshore Captain James carries a top of the line 406 EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicator Radio Beacon) in case of emergencies. Because Captain James is a prdient mariner he has never had the occasion to use the EPIRB.

The "Wiz" Custom Dorado is the one that started the Craze for other guides. EXPERIENCE IS EARNED THROUGH YEARS OF HARD WORK, TIME, AND PAYING YOUR DUES !

Captain James' Custom 23 Dorado

Photograph of True Giant Tarpon just before live release.

This is a Giant Tarpon caught from my Custom Dorado 23.

This Tarpon Taped out at Well Over 200 Pounds!

It was quickly released unharmed.

Captain James's Custom Dorado 23 is equipped with latest top of the line equipment.

2008 Mercury 225 OPTIMAX powers his DORADO 23' open fishing boat and allows Captain James' anglers to fish comfortably offshore, inshore, or on the shallow flats.

Captain James' Dorado 23 is also equipped with a State of the Art Remote Control Electric Trolling Motor System for certain types of stealth approach SportFishing.

State of the Art Furuno Color Fish Finder.

High-Quality WATERPROOF ICOM VHF RadioTelephone for telecommunications.

Cell Telephone for telecommunications

Ross Loran-C for Navigation.

State of the Art Furuno Differential Global Positioning System (GPS) for pinpoint navigation.

Class I EPIRB Emergency Positioning Indicator Radio Beacon System.

Boat is equipped with all required United States Coast Guard safety equipment.

Boat is constructed with state of the art closed cell foam and vinylester resin with no wood used and is extremely strong.

How Many People Can You Take?

The Captain's Cusotm Dorado 23 will hold a maximum of 4 passengers for inshore charters or 3 passengers for Offshore Charters. Please be advised that depending on the type of fishing being done that a maximum of 2 - 4 lines can be in the water at any one time for logistical purposes. When you book a specific charter please ask Captain James what techniques will be used on your Fishing Charter and how many lines can be fished on any specific charter.

Does anyone ever catch a Tarpon Over 200 Pounds?

Photograph of the 218 pound Tarpon caught off Davis Island in Tampa Florida.. This Giant Tarpon was certified by the International Game Fish Association at 218 pounds. Boca Grande Florida Tarpon Fishing Charter Guide - Tampa Tarpon Fishing Charters

The Tarpon weighted 218 pounds and the weight was certified by an International Game Fish Association Representative from St. Petersburg, Florida. This Giant Tarpon had a Girth of 45 inches and was 85 inches Long.

Captain James no longer kills these magnificent fish, but instead gets the length and girth and a quick photo or two or a video and then uses the Tarpon Length and Girth Calculator to determine the weight of the live released Tarpon. Captain James and his anglers over the years have caught many tarpon well over 200 pounds and his boat has caught 2 live released Tarpon that "taped out" larger than the current Florida State Tarpon Record. There are several pictures of tarpon of that size on this World Class Web Site. Captain James has not killed a Tarpon to verify the weigth for a kill Tournament for conservation reasons since way back in 1986 so these weights are determined by taking the length and girth of the Tarpon and using a simple formula you can very accurrately figure within 5 pounds the weigth of the Tarpon.

Since Captain James stopped Kill Tournament Tarpon Fishing way back in 1986. For the last 25 years all of Captain James Wisner's Tarpon Fishing Trips have been Catch and Release Only. Take a picture or a Video and let these magnificent Fish go alive and well to spawn babies and to fight again. Please do not ask the Captain to take a Tarpon Scale as a souvenir as Tarpon do not grow their scales back and taking a scale from a Tarpon will allow parasites and bacteria to attack the area of the Tarpon with no scale. Thank you. Captain James and/or you can take a photo or a Video and release the Tarpon alive and well.

What does the Captain provide and what Do You Need To Bring On Your Charter?


2. The Captain will provide everything on your Fishing Charter except your food and drink.

3.The Captain will provide a Large Cooler with Ice for your food and drink. We request that you do not bring Additional Coolers onboard.

4. The Captain will provide a second Cooler pre-iced for any fish you wish to take home, up to your Recreational Limit.

5. The Captain does not take any bag limits for himself that are not allowed by law. All fishing passengers are allowed to keep a recreational limit as determined by law.

6. The Captain will clean or filet any fish that you do not wish to clean or filet yourself.

7. The Captain provides Top-of -the-Line Reels, Rods, Line and Tackle. If you would like to bring your favorite Rod and Reel you may do so.

What Can't You Bring On Your Charter

1. Please do not bring any coolers on board. Extra Coolers only clutter the deck. I provide a very large pre-iced cooler for your food and drinks and a separate pre-iced cooler for any fish you may wish to take home and eat.

2. Please do not wear black soled street shoes on board. To prevent injuries Please no flip-flops or bare feet. A good sport shoe or tennis shoe or boat shoe is preferable.

3. Absolutely, do not bring any illegal drugs or hard liqour on board. That will termintate the trip right then and there and you will be on the hook for the full payment.

How Do You Choose a Good Guide?

1. Choose a Guide, such as Captain James Wisner, who can show you that he has been successful for many many years.

2. Beware of Guides who charge less that the normal rate. It cost a little extra to run a first class operation but you will get what you pay for.

3. Choose a Guide, such as Captain James Wisner, who has demonstrated by catching many International Game Fish Association World Records that he is truly at the Top of his Game.

4. Choose a Guide, such as Captain James Wisner, who is a Full Time Guide and not a part time Guide.

5. Choose a Guide with Tournament Wins, such as Captain James Wisner, as this shows he can produce.

6.Choose a Guide, such as Captain James Wisner, with Longevity and Quality of Experience!

Do you ever fish any of the local Tarpon Tournaments?

I did fish the Kill Tarpon Tournaments way back in the late 1960's thru 1986. And I was successful. [Tarpon Tournament Wins] After 20 plus years of fishing Kill Tarpon Tournaments I realized that this was not the best conservation minded use of the Tarpon Fishery so I quit Tarpon Tournaments altogether. Captain James proved over 30 years ago that he knows how to catch Tarpon and other fish and he has been honing his Tarpon and other Fishing and Catching Skills for the last 40 years! Charter with Captain James and you will be chartering 4 decades of Fishing Experience!

Some Fishing Charter "Guides" do not have a current valid USCG License

Please also be aware that there are people in the Charter Fishing Business that call themselves "Captain", but they do not have a current valid United States Coast Guard issued Captain's License to legally run Charters. Before you book anyone for a Fishing Charter ask to see a current copy of their United States Coast Guard issued Captain's License. I provide a copy of my license for anyone to see that wants to book me for a Fishing Charter.


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