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United States Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain

28 Certified Adult International Game Fish Association World Records



  • Frank Sargeant, Tampa Tribune Outdoors Editor, in his Outdoors Section on Sunday, August 1, 1999 announcing a Fishing Seminar to be given by Captain James Wisner, says: "Captain James Wisner, who was one of Tampa bay's most successful hook and line commercial fishermen before becoming a guide, may well be the most knowledgeable angler on the west coast of Florida".

  • Captain Mel Berman, WFLA 970 Radio Fishing Show Host, in his weekly fishing column in the St. Petersburg Times on February 7, 1997 says: "If ever there was a renaissance man, it would be former commercial hook-and-line fisherman (Capt.) James Wisner. Wisner, an ardent conservationist, is considered among the most skilled of Florida fishing guides. He possesses an uncanny ability for tracking our various species. When Wisner speaks, most everyone who wants to catch fish takes notes."

  • Tom McEwen, Tampa Tribune Sports Editor, in his Column on Saturday, July 31, 1993 says" "Although he has graduated from the University of South Florida with a twin major is psychology and sociology, he is what he always wanted to be - a master fisherman and guide. Phil (Alessi) and I are glad he is."

  • Frank Sargeant, Tampa Tribune Outdoors Editor, in his Feature Outdoors Article on Wednesday, September 22, 1993 says "(Capt.) Jim Wisner is widely regarded as the top fisherman in Tampa Bay; his catches and techniques prove it."

  • Nick Stubbs, Outdoor Writer, in his Feature Article in the September 1996 Gulf Coast Angler, says about Captain James Wisner: "True to his word, a 25 pound wreck permit came to the boat after a 25 minute fight. The fish was one of eight landed inside of 4 hours, the largest going an even 30 pounds."

  • Frank Sargeant, Tampa Tribune Outdoors Editor, in his Feature Article on Wednesday, September 22, 1993 says "(Capt. James) Wisner turns science of catching fish into an art."

  • Bill Aucoin, Outdoor Writer, in his Feature Article "Tarpon on the Beach" in the September 1997 issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine says: "Tampa's wise old tarpon pro, Capt. James Wisner ..."

  • Jon West, West Central Field Editor for Florida Sportsman Magazine, in his West Central Action Spotter for the July 1999 issue of Florida Sportsman Magazine says: "Veteran permit hunters like James Wisner of Tampa..."

  • Frank Sargeant, Tampa Tribune Outdoors Editor, in his "KingFish Book" Chapter 6 "Live Bait Magic" says: " A case in point is Captain James Wisner of Tampa, Florida, once a commercial hook-and-liner who now makes his living running a guide boat. "The Whiz", as he is known for his fish-catching abilities, manages limit catches of big (king) mackerel just about at will."

  • Nick Stubbs, Outdoor Writer, in his feature article in the November 1995 Gulf Coast Angler says about Captain James Wisner."Three-fingered Jack passed away and Bradley continued to fish pompano off and on until he handed the torch (1972) to the man he credits with "carrying Tampa Bay pompano fishing to the next level", Captain James Wisner.

  • Frank Sargeant, Tampa Tribune Outdoors Editor, in his "Secret Spots" Book Tampa Bay to Cedar Key says about pompano and permit feeding areas: "Among their favorite feeding stations, first discovered by Tampa angler extraordinare (Capt.) James Wisner several decades ago, are the big bridges that span the western arm of the bay, between St. Petersburg and Tampa."

  • Florida Sportsman Magazine in their November 1993 issue says "James P. Wisner is a hook-and-line commercial fishermen and skiff guide who catches lots of pompano and small permit for the market without using nets. To prove just how many he is capable of supplying to the markets, he provide three photographs and noted, "Here are 47 small permit and 82 pompano caught from Tampa Bay on fiddler crabs." To back his claim, Wisner took Tampa Tribune sports writer Tom McEwen along on one of his trips. McEwen later reported that they caught 39 pompano and 5 permit."

  • Frank Sargeant, Tampa Tribune Outdoors Editor, in his "Kingfish Book" Chaper 11 "Flyfishing for Kings" says: "Captain James Wisner of Tampa, Florida, has made something of a science of landing fish on tackle ill-suited to catching them. He's held many IGFA line class records over the last decade. And he has figured out a reasonably effective way of getting your fingers busted with the handle of a flyreel, for those that just have to tangle with a king on the long (fly) rod."


Letter of Commendation from the Police Chief of the Tampa Police Department

Happy Angler releases a Giant Tarpon he just caught with Captain James Wisner

Happy Angler poses with Giant Tarpon caught while guided by Captain James Wisner. The Tarpon was immediately released alive and well.

Photograph of Bob with Giant Tarpon

Bob shows a 150 Pound Tarpon he just caught and is preparing to release.

Photograph of Jim with Nice Permit

Jim shows off one-third of his Grand Slam, a Trophy Permit.

Photograph of Shawn with  Snook

Shawn shows off nice Snook.

Photograph of Happy Angler Releasing A Giant Boca Grande Tarpon

Angler Releases Giant Boca Grande Tarpon

Photograph of Angler releasing a Tarpon he just landed.

Angler releases Tarpon alive and well.

Photograph of Angler with Giant Permit.

Angler poses with Trophy Permit.

Photograph of Angler releasing a Tarpon he just landed.

Angler poses with Tarpon just before release.

Photograph of Giant Boca Grande Tarpon being released, Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters

Another Giant Tarpon being carefully live released.

Giant Boca Grande Tarpon - Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters

Happy Angler Releases another Giant Tarpon

Permit - Permit Fishing Charters

A Nice Permit.

Giant Tarpon - Tarpon Fishing Trips

A Nice Tarpon poses for a moment for the Camera and then is quickly live released.

Permit - Permit Fishing Charters

Giant Permit

Photograph of Tarpon - Tarpon Fishing Charters


Photograph of Tarpon - Tarpon Fishing Trips

Tarpon just before Release.

Photograph of Permit - Permit Fishing Charters

Another Trophy Permit caught during a Fishing Charter with Captain James.

Photograph of Angler releasing Tarpon

Angler Releasing Giant Tarpon.

Photograph of Angler with Nice Permit

Angler shows one of the Most Beautiful and Powerful Fish Found in Florida Waters, a Permit.

Photograph of Angler with Snook


Giant Tarpon.

Another Giant Tarpon Guided by Captain James Wisner

Photograph of Giant Tarpon being released. Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Charters,

This Tarpon was released alive and well after a quick photograph.

Giant Tarpon Fishing Charters in Season at Boca Grande and Tampa.

Photograph of Trophy Permit.

Permit Fishing Charters with Captain James Wisner

Photograph of Tarpon

Another Tarpon Being Released.

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